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Modular Wall Plate Frame PRO2

Modular Wall Plate Frame PRO2. The Pro2 modular wall plate allows users to pick and assemble any outlets they need on their wall plate.   This wall plate frame allows users to add 3x Pro2 wall plate modules to it. The modular design allows great flexibility to mix and match the modules to suit their needs. And the modules can be snapped to the wall plate frame with ease, simple installation and perfect finish. Size: 116x75x13mm.
$3.99 incl tax

HDMI Keystone Insert

HDMI to HDMI joiner. HDMI Keystone Insert is suitable for SKU: MWI13KS Keystone Plate Module PRO2. This HDMI keystone insert suits the Pro2 Keystone plate module perfectly. It enables you to hide your expensive premium HDMI cables behind the wall plate and use normal HDMI cables to connect to your devices. Eliminate the hassle of damaging the HDMI lead by frequently plugging and unplugging when you swap devices.
$9.99 incl tax

Keystone Plate Module PRO2

Keystone Plate Module PRO2 is suitable for our HDMI Keystone insert SKU: PK4910. Used with Keystone plate inserts. Pro2 Keystone plate for the Pro2 wall plate. White colour. Panel Size: 47mm x 24mm x 11mm
$1.99 incl tax

Horizontal Recessed Power Rail 6 Way GPO

Horizontal Recessed Power Rail 6 Way GPO. 1RU height, 19" horizontal recessed PDU. Rack mount with 6x SAA outlets 10A. 10A resettable thermal circuit breaker. Quality made Aluminium-alloy metal casing. 1.8M heavy duty 3x 1.5mm² power cord to standard 10A AC power plug. Australian approved.
From $53.00 incl tax

Power Shield UPS DC Mini

The Power Shield uninterruptible power supply (UPS) DC Mini 18W plug pack is designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC powered equipment including routers, modems (including fibre optic – ONT), VOIP phone systems, surveillance equipment, alarm systems and many critical telecommunications devices.
$99.00 incl tax

Wheels for Rack Cabinet

A set of four floor wheels with locking clutch. Fits cabinets. Supplied in group of four. Size 40mm Ø.
$33.99 incl tax