10P10C Modular Plugs

10P10C also known as RJ50 plugs is a connector with 10 Contact Positions and 10 Contacts. Supplied 10 plugs per bag. Suit solid-core cable or multi-stranded core cable. Prefers round cable for entry wiring and crimping.
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10 Contact Positions and 10 Contacts version modular connector.

Suit solid-core cable or multi-stranded core cable.

Plug entry for wiring and assembly prefers round type cable.

Sold in a bag of ten plugs i.e. order 1 to receive 10 connectors.

Ideal for wiring scenarios, such as, multi-port RS-232C serial boards, RS-485 compatible interface, multi-port TIA-232 adapters, MTS FlexTest® Controller Family, data link connections to APC and Eaton uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

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